Expert Witness

This service may be needed when the worst has happened, and you have had to go to Court to seek redress about the cost and/or standard of work of a building project that has gone badly wrong. In such circumstances, the Judge can ask for an expert witness report. The purpose of the report is to give an expert opinion of the works carried out, associated costs and possible remedies for consideration by the Judge.

It is important to be aware that, when writing such a report, the expert witness is responsible to the Court and must give an independent opinion, free of any bias. This can be hard for the parties to understand, particularly if they have been asked to provide the report.

Here at E-value8(UK) Ltd we have experience of writing single or joint reports on behalf of the building owner and/or the building contractor. Our independent advice can help the Court to determine the outcome of the dispute. We are used to responding to the tight deadlines set by the Court and can produce reports which incorporate as much information as appropriate, together with photographic evidence.

If you have been asked to obtain an expert witness report, then don’t delay in calling us to seek our help and find out about our fees for such work.

We can also produce expert witness reports on behalf of insurance companies seeking to recover costs via claims adjusters.