This is where tenants enter into commercial leases agreeing to keep premises to a certain standard of repair, but for a variety of reasons this may not have happened.

The dilapidations process assesses - either during the tenancy or when it ends - what disrepair has occurred and whose liability it is to fix it, as well as how much it will cost.

We can act for a Tenant occupier or a Landlord investor, providing advice in accordance with the provisions of RICS Guidance Note - 7th edition, September 2016.

The dilapidations process is a complex one which you may need help to navigate clearly, smoothly and as quickly as possible. When acting for the Tenant, we can explain the situation to seek to save you money against the landlord’s claim. When acting for a Landlord, we will help you to receive your property back in a good state of repair or receive a sum of money in lieu through the dilapidations process.

If you need help with this, then please get in touch for a discussion about the best way forward.